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4 tips for heating up your house using fireplace

heating up your house

The temperature in many places can go beyond the freezing point. During those times there can be nothing better than sitting in front of the warm fireplace. It’s a cozy and ambient place where you can read your favorite book or sip a hot cup of coffee while enjoying watching the snow outside. However, if not maintained properly, your fireplace may not provide the heat you are expecting. Here are some tips that will make your fireplace most efficient.

  1. Seasoned firewood is best for burning. It won’t produce much smoke and would heat up your house efficiently. You should avoid using green wood.
  2. If you open the damper more air will get into the fire and increase the amount of heat. So, your home will be heated more and you won’t feel the chill anymore.
  3. You should hire a certified chimney inspector to check your chimney once a year before winter. This way you will no that all parts of your chimney are working well. You should clean the chimney as well. If creosote builds up, it will stop the air flow and so will increase the risk of fire hazard. You can insulate your chimney to prevent or reduce creosote build up.
  4. Use tempered glass doors in front of the fireplace. When the fire is burning, you should keep the doors shut. This will increase the chimney’s temperature.

When you use a fireplace to heat up your home, you should make sure that the fireplace is working efficiently. You should do regular maintenance of the fireplace to keep it in the best condition.